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In key stage 1 and key stage 2 we follow the National Curriculum for English. In nursery and reception we follow the curriculum for the early years foundation stage.

English is taught daily throughout the school.


From nursery to year 2 we use letters and sounds to teach phonics.

For children who require additional support to learn phonics we allocate 1 to 1 and small group intervention. We have a range of resources including 'rapid phonics' to help close gaps and accelerate progress.


We use a wide variety of books from different schemes and these are 'banded' into sets of similar difficulty. Children choose a home reading book from the allocated band, it is not necessary for children to read every book in the book band. Reading is taught in guided reading sessions with the class teacher. In these sessions specific skills, including comprehension and fluency are developed. The books used in guided reading sessions are different to the books used for home reading and offer more challenge. For beginner readers we have a variety of books that children can decode using the phonics they have been taught. Once children have completed the book bands they are able to choose from a variety of books some of which come from schemes but mostly 'real' books; they continue to have guided reading sessions.


Spelling is taught from reception to year 4. In reception and key stage 1 spelling is aligned with phonics teaching; attention is also given to common words that do not follow phonic rules. In key stage 2 spelling follows the requirements of the national curriculum for English.


The school uses the 'Nelson' handwriting scheme.

Writing including grammar and punctuation

Writing is a complex process and to write successfully it is necessary to combine many skills. Children are taught a wide variety of genres these are taught in carefully planned units and are often linked to the topic for the term. Grammar and punctuation are taught throughout each writing unit.

Drama for writing