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Homework bulletins 5th October 2018

Homework bulletins Friday 28th September

Year 4 Pen Licence


As an incentive to encourage year 4 students to continue to improve the quality of their handwriting, they have the opportunity to earn a Pen Licence. Once a licence has been awarded, children are able to use a handwriting pen in class. Pen licences will be awarded when there is enough evidence of:

  • Correct letter formation and size.
  • The consistent use of diagonal and horizontal strokes that are needed to join letters.
  • An understanding of which letters, when next to each other, are best left unjoined.
  • Letters correctly positioned on the line.

Pupils should be using joined handwriting throughout their independent writing tasks. Handwriting will be taught across the week with the aim of increasing the fluency with which pupils are able to write down what they want to say. This, in turn, will support their composition and spelling.


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The Finger In The Biscuit Jar

These are the homework bulletins for this week

Spellings - Spellings will be handed out Friday ( 21.9.18) Your child will come home with a page of words. Any highlighted will indicate which words your child is not yet able to spell confidently, and we ask that you practise these words over the course of the year. How you do this is up to you, but here are a few suggestions.


1. Choose 5 words at time to focus on over the week using a 'Look, cover, write check' approach.


2. Choose 5 words at a time to try and write in different sentences across the week. This will really help the children understand the word and the contexts it can be used in.


3. Choose words, and challenge yourself to use them at different places within a sentence - start, middle and end. (Special toys are kept on the shelf. I love the special things you do for me. The letter is so special.


4. Choose words and look up their meaning in the dictionary.


5. Write the words in interesting ways - turning them into pictures. 


6. Write words and use dots and dashes to count the phonemes (sounds) E.g  W  eigh  = 3 sounds


7. Dictation - Adult reads the word in a sentence, and the child records the sentence.


8. 'Speed spell' See how many times you can write the word in 30 seconds. Challenge an adult!


I hope this gives you some fun alternatives to learning spellings.

This is our 'Meet the teacher' information if you were unable to make our meeting.

This term's topic is:

Leo in Rio!


Welcome to our new Maple Class page!!


We hope you had a wonderful summer holiday and are looking forward to the new school year.

I know I am, even if my dog Archie will miss me now!!


We are also looking forward to having our new Year 3 children in the class and I know the Year 4 children who were in Maple class last year, will help all of them settle in to their new class and to enjoy what will be an exciting term.


As you can see our topic this term is 'Leo in Rio' and we will be discovering lots of interesting facts about the country of Brazil.  To begin the topic can you find the answers to these three questions?

How big is Brazil?

Why is it called Brazil?

What language do the people of Brazil speak?


Have fun!!smiley

Mrs Alexander, Mrs Grice and Mrs Fitzsimmons