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A big thank you to all the grandparents who came and made our decoration day such a joy. We hope they are all now glue and glitter free.


Dare we say... Christmas?


Christmas is coming fast and so it's nearly time for our concert. This year we are performing Babushka.

Our performances are on Wednesday 12th December and Thursday 13th December at 9.30.


By now you all know who or what you are in our play and the costume requests have been sent home. Please keep working on learning any lines you have been given.We are amazed at how well you have done so far.

homework 16th November 2018

Homework November 9th 2018

homework 2nd November 2018

Do you want to be a master mathematician?

Silly question of course you do! Check out this website and play the online addition game if you can,it will really help your fast recall of number facts, the more you do it the quicker you will get. Set the number value to 5+5. Good luck! We hope you enjoy it.

Show and Tell

In Mulberry Class we will be having show and tell each Friday afternoon. Children, you will be invited one by one to bring an object into school. This needs to be in a bag or box and out of the sight of others as we  are going to ask 10 questions to see if we can find out what the item is. Make sure you know lots about your item as we may ask tricky questions. REMEMBER  to wait for your invite before bringing your item in. 

We are still happy to share certificates/ medals and very special news when we have time. 

Autumn Poem

We have a question for you!


Monkey and me, 

Monkey and me, 

Monkey and me,

We went to see some.......


What animals would Mrs Tomes-Rolt and Mrs Hogg choose to see?


We hope you have had a lovely time over the summer and we are sure you are now ready to start the new school year, so welcome to Mulberry Class.smiley

We are looking forward to getting to know the children new to our class and continuing our learning journey with our year two children. The Mulberry staff, children and families will all be working together so that we have a very exciting and productive year. We hope that you enjoy the new challenges and approaches to learning, along with all the fun that Key Stage 1 has to offer! 

Mrs Hogg, Mrs Tomes-Rolt and our wonderful support staff.

This term's topic is:

Me and my world.