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School Staff

We have a wide range of staff to enable us to provide a high quality service and meet individual pupil needs. Everyone is committed to the aims of the school and seeks to provide the very best service. It is a requirement that all staff working in school have enhanced criminal records clearance.



Mrs Hazel Farlam and Mrs Debra Cannings share the role of headteacher.

Early Years


Mrs K Burridge ( Lead teacher)

Mrs S Allen (Lead teacher)

Mrs B Braybrook

Mrs M Liddiard


Support staff:

Mrs J Hill

Mrs H Savin

Mrs D Skeratt

Mrs H Drummond

Mrs J Webster *

Key Stage 1


Miss E Seeley (Lead Teacher)

Miss C Martin

Mrs S Tomes -Rolt

Mrs J Hogg

Support staff:

Mrs B Boyd *

Mrs S Eames*

Mrs G Forsdyke*

Mrs D Fitzimmons*

Miss S Reeder


Key Stage 2


Mrs E Alexander (Assistant Head / SENCo)

Mrs K Hopper

Mrs W Saunders

Mrs P Storr


Support staff:

Mrs K Grice

Mrs A Hilson*

Mrs C Worden*

Mrs A Lugg*

Mrs P Cornford*

Whole school support

Mrs H Leighton (ICT)

Midday supervision:

In addition to * above.

Mrs P Derbyshire

Miss C Meladossi

Mrs D Richmond

Office Manager:

Mrs J Twiggins


Mrs J Devereux

Medical / Welfare:

Mrs H Molyneux

Clerk to Governing Body:

Mrs S Miljevic

Site Agent:

Mr S Twiggins


Mr R Rivers

Mrs A Rivers