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All of the children in Year 2 have the grid below stuck into their Maths Journal.  Our aim is that by the end of this academic year all children will know these addition facts instantly without the need for fingers or other equipment.  We have a 1 minute challenge on a Friday afternoon when children have 60 seconds to complete as many addition equations as possible.  The children are definitely improving but if they could practise at home as well, that would be even better.

There is a free website you can use which has timed addition practise.  If your device or computer has flash player then you can use it at home.  If you are interested then please click on the link below.

Picture 1

We are about to finish our class book called 'The World According to Humphrey' by Betty G. Birney.  The children have really enjoyed the longer, serialised story and we will be starting a new one next week.

Below is a link to a website which has a recommended reading list for Year 2 pupils so if you are looking for good quality children's books, here are some ideas:-

Common Exception Words for spelling Year 2

Common Exception Words for spelling Year 2 1

Common Exception Words for spelling in Year 2

Homework 12.10.18

Homework 5.10.18

Homework 28.9.18


We are missing a few jumpers and cardigans.  Could you please check that your child has come home with the correct clothing and return any which may have gone home with you accidentally.

Thank you.

Homework 21.9.18


Last week we had the 'Meet the teacher' session where some important information was shared regarding Sycamore Class.  If you were unable to attend the meeting, here are the things you need to know:-

P.E. days are Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Library books are changed every other week. (week beginning 10.9.18, 24.9.18, 8.10.18, 29.10.18, 12.11.18. 26.11.18)

Tuesdays - Emerald and Amber groups

Thursdays - Diamond and Sapphire groups

Fridays - Pearl and Topaz groups

If you are unsure which group your child is in, please ask them.


Spellings will be sent home every Thursday and collected in the following Tuesday, beginning on Thursday 20th September.

Homework will be emailed to you on a Friday starting on Friday 21st September.

If you have any questions about any of the above information, please come in and speak to me at the end of the day.  Alternatively, phone or email the school and I will reply as soon as I can.


Welcome back to school.  I hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful summer and are ready for all the new learning opportunities and challenges we are going to meet this term. 

As parents you are desperate to know what the children have been doing at school and if they are happy.  Often when we ask the children questions about their day we are given one word replies.  This could be because the children are tired and sometimes because they will talk about it when they want to rather than when we are anxious to hear it.

To help you out a little (if you need it), here are some ideas of questions to ask which might encourage your child to talk more.

After school Conversation Starters

Usual questions

Try These Instead

How was school?

What’s the biggest difference between this year and last year?

Did you have fun at school?

What was the best thing you did at school?

Who did you sit with?

Tell me the names of the four children who sat closest to you.

Was your teacher nice?

  • What was the most interesting thing your teacher said today?
  • What class rules did your teacher say are important?
  • What did your teacher say she likes to do?

Did your teacher go over the daily timetable with the class?

What’s the best thing about your daily timetable?

Did you have everything you needed for school?

Was there anything you wish you had at school that you didn’t have today?

Were the kids in your class nice?

  • Who did you enjoy talking with the most?
  • Did anyone have anything fun or interesting to talk about?

Were you told about your timetable?

Which days look best on your timetable?

Are your friends in your group?

Tell me two children you remember from each group.

Was the work hard?

What was the best thing your teacher asked you to do in ____ today?

My interests are going to the theatre, reading and visiting different places in the world.

I'm very much looking forward to teaching Sycamore Class this year.


Mrs Burridge

This term's topic is:

Me and my world.