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School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan 2023-2024

Eco Group Action Plan

School Improvement Plan Evaluation

Every year we focus on a different area of the school curriculum to improve and develop the way we teach. 

Here is the evaluation of last year's Improvement Plan 2022 to 2023








To develop and improve fluency in Maths to enable pupils to solve calculations effectively.

  • All the actions have been completed from the plan (apart from the second parents’ questionnaire).
  • Helen Jones visited to watch Maths Fluency lessons and was pleased with what she saw.
  • She recommended the following actions- The mathematics lead should work with teachers to ensure they:
  • Pre-teach concepts on the Maths mats which have already been taught earlier in the school or the year, before pupils tackle the mat;
  • Adapt the Maths mats so that less is covered and there is challenge for the pupils with high prior attainment. Including less on the mats will help make the self-marking segment of the lessons more robust.


To develop writing across all curriculum areas to give pupils opportunity to apply what they have been taught, so that pupils can write more proficiently over time, across the curriculum.


  • All the actions have been completed from the plan.
  • Helen Jones visited to see the progress of the actions. 
  • She commented –“The pupils explained how they use golden sentences. They know they must use subject-specific vocabulary. They help you remember what you have learned. The older pupils remembered that they wrote a great deal of information before but the golden sentences are better because they are short and include more important facts.”
  • Next year we will make a class floor book/ folder with past Golden Sentences in for the children and staff to refer to.


To provide pupils and parents with a voice to develop links to establish the drivers across the school.

  • All actions have been completed.
  • Circle Groups, Parents’ Forum and Eco Group have been embedded in the routine of school.
  • Helen Jones spoke to pupils about Eco Group and Circle Group and the spoke positively about these activities.


Here are the targets for this year

To improve the quality of writing across the school so that more children are at Age Related Expectations (ARE) at the end of Reception, Year 2 and Year 4 and that more pupils make progress from their individual starting points.


To develop a system to assess pupil progress in the foundation subjects to measure impact of teaching on the children’s retention of skills and knowledge and not make unnecessary burdens on staff workload.


For further information please take a look at the full School Improvement Plan.