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Linslade Lower School

Inspire, Challenge, Succeed and Excel

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Linslade Lower School


Inspire, challenge, succeed and excel.




At Linslade Lower School we provide a safe, happy and nurturing learning environment in which everyone is cared for, respected and valued.We work collaboratively and co-operatively with each other and the community.


We will:


  • Encourage everyone to achieve the very best they can.


  • Foster a love of learning and the skills to be a learner for life.


  • Develop the whole child.


  • Provide a well resourced and stimulating learning environment .


  • Use a creative, engaging curriculum as a means to develop enquiring minds.


  • Keep up to date and continually develop our skills as professionals.

Equality Objectives

At Linslade Lower School the responsible body is the Governing Body.

It is unlawful for the responsible body of the school to discriminate against, harass or victimize a pupil or potential pupil

  • in relation to admissions
  • the way it provides education for pupils
  • in the way it provides pupils access to any benefit, facilities or service, or
  • by excluding a pupil or subjecting them to any other detriment.

Leo’s Promise

We are absolutely committed to our pupils developing a love of reading, a passion for maths and a thirst for knowledge of the world around them, but we also want our children’s school days to be filled with memories of their friendships and experiences.

Our promise is that we will fill our children’s school years with opportunities to be inspired and challenged, to experience excitement and adventure, to broaden their horizons, and to learn about people, community and the wider world beyond their classroom.

At Linslade Lower School we will provide opportunities to develop…


Respect by experiencing other cultures and taking part in a range of visits. (Visits to places of worship, visitors and finding out about other cultures, beliefs and faiths)


Community unity by engaging with the community to make a positive contribution (Visits to community homes, singing in Tesco, fund raising, Operation Christmas Child)


Integrity by contributing to sustainable goals and global citizenship (Eco schools and learning about the world to become global citizens)


Independence by helping with school organisation and running events (Young leaders, Circle Group leaders and playground buddies)


School representation by performing to an audience or representing the school at events (School plays, sporting events)


Enjoyment by taking part in a number of activities that develop creativity and broaden horizons (Library visits, visiting speakers, outdoor activities, theatre and museum visits)


Positive Behaviour- Information for Parents