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Home-learning Friday 2nd July

Also make sure you have some Golden Time today! Celebration assembly is at 1:20 via zoom - hope to see you there! Well done, have a lovely weekend and I am looking forward to seeing you next week.

Well done to those of you who attended the Zoom today - apologies for being cut off. W was a hard letter for the categories! I thought that things that are blue could be 'whale' or 'water', drinks could be 'water' or 'wine' and the only colour I could think of was 'white'! I hope you managed to think of some things! See you on Monday laugh

Look at these amazing deck chairs - your toys look very relaxed! Well done to you all. πŸ‘

See you at 9am for Zoom. Bring a pen and paper or whiteboard again please. 

Wednesday 30th June.

We are halfway through the week - keep up the good work!

I hope you have had a nice Tuesday. It has been lovely to see some of you busy with your work - especially enjoying the capacity tasks! I have had a fun day teaching Maple Class today - year 3 fractions were a challenge but I enjoyed the art lesson of course! Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

Great to see nearly all of you on our zoom chat! We were almost out of time when I said goodbye so if I could ask you to log in as close to 9am as possible on Thursday that will mean we get a bit longer on the call. It is set up so that you can enter the call any time to save me having to admit people from the ‘waiting room’, but the call starts as soon as the first person enters. This means that some of our lesson time is lost before 9am if you get there too early! 
Well done on some great home learning today - I have been busy thinking of lots of ideas to keep you busy for the rest of the week!


Home-learning 28th June 2021


Here we go again with a week of home-learning. I hope to see you all on Zoom at 9am this morning for a chat and a bit of follow up from our whole class reading session on Friday. If you can bring a whiteboard or pen and paper to the Zoom, that would be great - I know some of you handed your home-learning packs from lockdown back to school.


Here are some activities you can work on today: 

Thursday 27th May


The children did so well with their Race for Life today and all managed to walk/jog/run 1km for Cancer Research! yes

Our first Forest School session will be on the first day back Monday 7th June. Please ensure your child has the correct clothing to be able to take part. 


Have a lovely half-term break - enjoy the long-awaited sunshine! laugh

Thank you so much for the birthday treats - I felt very special! πŸŽ‚

Story time with Miss Feeney!

Easter fun at home and school!

We have been enjoying learning about castles!

Can you believe it's the last day of home-learning? It's been a long time and you have done amazingly well and your grown ups deserve a medal! πŸ… Can't wait to see you on Monday!! ❀️

πŸ“šπŸ“– It's World Book Day! πŸ“šπŸ“–

The World Book Day Song by MC Grammar

Check out the official, and first-ever, World Book Day song by MC Grammar. #WorldBookDayClick the link below to download / stream the song: https://MCGramma...






Good morning! Sorry about our Zoom lesson cutting out yesterday. The internet at school stopped working due to a fault beyond our control. It was disappointing but we will catch up tomorrow for our next (last!) Zoom. Have fun 'Down Under' today!




Bring your favourite book to the Zoom lesson! πŸ“šπŸ“–





PE - Reaction Wall

ThisIsPE - Ben Lewis from Greenacre School Sports Partnership.Reaction WallToday's #ThisIsPE lesson is reaction wall. This activity will help develop children’s reactions, hand eye coordination, balance and concentration. This skill can be applied in many different sports such as football, tennis, netball, handball. All you are going to need is paper a pen and a wall.




Good morning Oak Class! I hope you have had a nice break and that you are ready for the week ahead! I can't wait to see you on Zoom at 11:30 - adults, check your emails for the details of Zooms for the next fortnight, which I will send out this morning.

We will be working on our understanding of money this week. If you feel that your child needs extra challenge, I have attached a ppt. below containing some extra activities. (I have also saved it as a pdf as some devices will not open Powerpoint, but be aware that the answers are revealed in pdf format.)

A message and a picture from Jasper :-)

Samuel wrote a message for you all 😊

Sorry Zoomers - we got cut off before I could say a proper goodbye! Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope to see you in assembly on Friday or at Mrs Farlam's quiz tomorrow! Miss Stokes x

I am loving seeing your work so far this week!

Sledging fun!

Still image for this video

Harrison wrote a message for you all!

Here are some of the houses you made for your toys. Great job!

Only 1 week to go and then we can all have a well deserved break! You have done so well with your home learning this half term so I have prepared a fun-filled final week of activities for you! I hope you enjoy them.

See you at 10:00 (assembly) and 11:30 for today's Zooms.

George turned 6 on Sunday! Happy birthday! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‚

Here are some photos of some of you doing lots of creative things! Well done!

Harrison’s happy place!!

Still image for this video




Thursday is PE day. Let's be CREATIVE today!

Here's a great activity to encourage creativity and teamwork with your child. Today’s PE lesson will focus on creating movement and improvisation.

These are the slides I used for PHSE today on Zoom. Remember, if you want to write a message and draw a picture for Oak Class, send me a photo and I will post it on here for your friends to read!

Jasper had a birthday yesterday- happy 6th birthday! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‚



Good morning! I hope you had a nice weekend and are ready for a new week (and a new month!)





Here are some of your snowy photos! ❄️




#ThisIsPE - Horizontal climbing

It's PE day! Try this fun horizontal climbing activity to improve coordination and balance:







Sing Up are currently running live sessions on Tuesday mornings with a #FeelgoodFifteen minutes
of singing and musical fun to wake children up and get them ready for a day of learning.  The
sessions are suitable for 4-11 year olds and can be accessed from school and home. This
happens on a Tuesday morning at 9am GMT with each session being run by a range of fabulous
vocal leaders. You can join on Sing Up’s YouTube channel or on Sing Up at
Home where #FeelgoodFifteen will stream live for anyone to watch. If you miss the live session,
don't worry. Each video will be saved so you can catch up afterwards.

We had snow much fun at school today!! ⛄️

It's great to see so many of you attending our Zooms! You all did a fab job with the instruction writing today! Sorry we got cut off so abruptly - have a good couple of days and I will see you on Wednesday afternoon for our PSHE Zoom. heart

Welcome to a new week - I hope you had fun in the snow yesterday! I went for a walk and saw lots and lots of snowmen! ⛄️

Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom at 11:30 for some English. ✏️

If you need some extra activities, here are some maths problems you can pick and choose from. They vary in difficulty so just choose what's right for your child.

James and Lily both had birthdays this week! Happy Birthday!πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

Yesterday I called everyone who has not been in school. It was good to catch up with some of you but unfortunately I couldn't get hold of everyone. Luckily we have good communication links via email, so I am assuming all is ok. Please remember, you are doing your best and that is good enough. We are all weathering the same storm but we are not all in the same boat so be kind to yourselves! 🌈 Have a great weekend. smiley

A selection of photos - you’ve been working very hard!

I will be making phone calls this afternoon (Thursday) to see how things are going with the children who have not been in school. If you have already spoken to another teacher (because you have more than one child in school) and do not want a call from me as well, please let me know via email. Similarly, if you are unable to take a call this afternoon, let me know. 

Many thanks, Miss Stokes.

#ThisIsPE - Throwing for accuracy

Thursday is PE day - make sure you do something active! Try this lesson: Get the washing basket out, grab some pots from the kitchen and find some soft things to throw, like teddy bears! An easy to ...

Optional PSHE follow up activity





I just had to come and say how proud I am of you all in our Zoom lessons! You are always on time and prepared with everything you need. You all join in beautifully and behave so sensibly. I'm a very lucky teacher to be able to work with you and I miss you very much! wink

You are superstars! ⭐️ 

Monday has rolled around again! See you at 10am for assembly and then at 11:30 for some maths on Zoom - bring your whiteboard and number cards.


Don't forget to email your total kilometres walked since last Monday for the walking challenge! 

If you want to pick up a bird feeder pack, they will be outside the main entrance this week. You can make bird feeders and encourage lots of birds to visit your garden ready for the big bird watch next week!







#ThisIsPE - Footwork patterns

Thursday is PE day at school - make sure you do something active! Maybe you could try this activity. Kids need to learn how to be nimble on their feet, and this 'footwork patterns' game from experienced PE teacher, Alex Ogden,...

frown Oops! I attached the wrong link for Maths today (Wednesday) - if you want to have a look at today's lesson it's here: 

These are the slides we looked at during our Zoom chat today - remember to do things that improve your wellbeing (make you feel happy and relaxed) every day - you might even learn a new skill!

See you at 1:30pm for our Jigsaw (PSHE) chat. Bring your whiteboard and pen. I can't wait to see your smiling faces! laugh 

Home Learning 12.1.21

For art this week, can you paint or draw a picture of your favourite fairytale character?




English Zoom 11.1.21


Today’s task is to write a caption in your exercise book for each of the 4 fairytale pictures. You must remember capital letters and full stops in the correct places and write carefully on the lines in your book!

You did so well this morning Oak Class! It was great to see you all smiley

Happy Monday! smiley

If you are at home and joining the Zoom lesson today at 11:30am (meeting details have been emailed out), you will need your home learning packs. We will be using whiteboards and exercise books. We will also be using the pictures below - you could print them before the lesson or just use them for reference when you do your writing after the Zoom meeting. Remember, this is a lesson so you need to bring your best listening ears and thinking brains and try your best! See you there!


Home learning for other subject areas is below.

James was inspired by Mrs Farlam's assembly on Wednesday and so he designed a cheery T-shirt :)

8.1.21 Home Learning

You have been doing a great job this week! Here are some photos I have received:

Home Learning 7.1.21

FREE Colour Banded ebooks from Oxford Reading Owl

Good morning, I hope you got on ok with yesterday's work. It was lovely to hear from some of you! I will be in school sometimes, working with the KS1 key worker bubble and other times I will be at home planning and preparing home learning work and work for the children in school, as well as the Zoom lessons. I am hoping to provide a mixture of activities, written work and online lessons (there are many which other teachers have prepared, for example on the Oak Academy website, which are really clear and interactive). Hopefully these pre-recorded online lessons will make life easier for parents because the children should be able to work through the lesson with the teacher on the screen, rather than needing you to sit with them. I am aiming to set up Zoom meetings with the children for Mondays at 11:30am and Wednesdays at 1:30pm. These will start next week. Home learning packs are being put together which will contain an exercise book, whiteboard and other resources which will support home learning. It is really important that the children participate in the home learning to give them some sense of routine and to allow them to keep making progress this half term. Feel free to send photos of any work your child has completed, whenever is convenient for you. There is no obligation to do so but it's good for me to check in on how they are getting on. When the exercise books have been distributed, all work can be kept in there and I will look forward to seeing it when we are back at school. Gook luck!

Something to keep you busy today!

Thursday 17th December


It's been a fun week of Christmas activities. On Monday we watched a virtual pantomime (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) followed by a short drama workshop. This was funded by the PTA and the children really enjoyed it!


On Tuesday we baked some cookies and decorated them on Wednesday morning in time for our Christmas party. The party was good fun - we did some dancing, played some games and had some party snacks. When we got back to the classroom we found some presents that Father Christmas had left for the children. 


Father Christmas was live from Lapland this morning, reading a story to all the boys and girls! So we settled down with a hot chocolate and a treat to watch him. After this there was a little singalong and then the children had time to use the craft sets that they received from him yesterday at the party.


Here are some photos from our week:


Still image for this video

Quiz winner.mp4

Still image for this video
Well done to all who completed the quiz. The answers are below:

Christmas Quiz answers

Thursday 10th December


I was so proud of every child in Oak Class for participating fully in the Christmas video - I hope you enjoyed their show!

         Virtual Christmas Fair!             

We have a quiz for you. Answer the questions and then unjumble the first letter from each answer to spell something. All correct answers will go in to the prize draw! The answers will be posted on this page when the fair has ended. Good luck!

Thursday 3rd December


It has been a lovely festive week in Oak class. We have continued to learn a little about Finland - in particular Lapland. We have looked at the live camera from Santa's Village to compare the weather with Leighton Buzzard. It was -8 and very snowy when we checked! We had a good giggle at the excited people who were waving at the camera (see photos). We have also discussed the animals that live in Lapland and why they are mostly white and very furry! The children have been amazed by the Northern Lights and have produced some beautiful paintings using watercolours...these will be coming home soon! The children have done a wonderful job performing for their Christmas video production. There is a sneak peek in the photos below. laugh What a busy week it's been! 

We conducted a science experiment to find out which material would be the best to make a waterproof cape for Spiderman so that he doesn't get wet in the rain.

Thursday 19th November


We are currently in the middle of a mini topic about superheroes to make up for the children missing it in Reception. We have looked at the story of Charlie's Superhero Underpants and designed our own superhero. We also had a look at 'real life heroes', who do brave and helpful things everyday. 


With Christmas approaching, we have begun to talk about the Christian faith in our RE lessons. Throughout Key Stage 1, children study Christianity, Islam and Judaism. They learn at a very basic and age appropriate level, the core beliefs and actions of religious people. We teach the children that some people follow a religion and some people don't, and that's fine but we must respect the beliefs of all people. RE is always a subject which allows the children to wonder and discuss their ideas and thoughts, which is to be encouraged. Often there is no definitive answer to their questions but it is interesting to ponder! Some of the children in Oak class are not sure whether their family follow a religion or are non-religious. Maybe this is a discussion you could have at home. Our PSHE this half-term has a focus on 'celebrating difference', so the children are very aware of the differences (and similarities) between themselves and others. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our programme of study for RE - I know it is sometimes hard for 5 year olds to articulate what they have been learning about!


Along with the homework, there are some photos below of the children working out in the superhero training gym and some of this week's challenges. 

Lots of children in Oak class love drawing, writing and making things. If you have access to any scrap paper which is destined for a recycling bin, we can definitely make use of it! Please send any unwanted paper to school. Many thanks!

Thursday 5th November


We have had a fun week back at school and the children all seemed refreshed after the half term break! We have looked at the story Pumpkin Soup and thought about the characters' actions and feelings. The children used drama to show these feelings and explain the actions of the characters. 

In D&T we safely used a knife to cut pumpkin into chunks using a claw grip - keeping fingers tucked away from the blade as we sliced. We added some onion, vegetable stock and salt to create a pumpkin soup which some children loved and others weren't so keen on! 


Homework is below, along with some photos from the week.

Thursday 22nd October


We have had another fun week with our text What the Ladybird Heard. Our topic work has included creating maps of the farm for beebots to roam around (see photos) and mapping our school environment.  We also did some science based on the 5 senses and put together a musical performance using a song from the stage production of What the Ladybird Heard. We learnt about keeping the beat of a piece of music and the children each played an instrument to represent an animal noise.


Homework for this week is posted below.


Have a lovely half term and don't forget it's Forest Schools on the first Monday back (2nd November).

Thursday 15th October


This week we have been working with the story of The Little Red Hen. We have done some drama, made masks and learnt about the life cycle of a chicken.

Here are some photos from this week:


Thursday 8th October


This week has felt very autumnal and so we have been learning about seasonal changes. We went for a walk around the school grounds to look for signs that autumn is here - we found lots! 

We had fun playing with toys from the Victorian times, talking about what they were made from and how they were powered with no electricity. 


I have sent home some more login details for another maths game called Numbots. It is to boost addition and subtraction skills. I have stuck the login details inside your child's reading record, and sent them to you on a letter too as I am aware that reading records are in school for some of the week!


Don't forget FOREST SCHOOLS on Monday!


Homework for this week is below.

Have a great weekend.

Friday 2nd October


This week's homework is below. Children have also been given a password to access an online game that we have subscribed to. EdShed has games to practise english and maths skills, e.g. spelling, addition and subtraction, number bonds (and phonics is 'coming soon'). You will find the password glued inside the front cover of your child's reading record. 


Most children had the correct gear for forest schools on Monday. Mrs Grice will not allow children to take part unless they have waterproof clothing and wellies. The next session is on Monday 12th October. Children may leave their bag of clothing at school if that is more convenient.


We have had a fun week learning about toys from the past. If you are able to send a picture of your child with their current favourite toy, it would be nice to have some for display.



The homework bulletin is below for this week. I have received some fantastic information and images of toys from the past - it has been very nostalgic! We will be talking about them next week.


Forest Schools begins on Monday 28th September for Oak children and continues every other week. Please make sure your child has their Forest School clothing in school, otherwise they will miss out on the activities. (Waterproofs and wellies - named please!) 

From Monday 21st September, children can bring their own water bottle to school. Please ensure that it is named and filled with water before school each day. Children no longer need to bring their own snack to school as The School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme is providing free snacks for children aged 4-6 every day.

Friday 18th September


Another week has flown by and the children have started working in their English and Maths books. I have noticed that a lot of children are not forming some letters and numbers correctly, so this is something to work on. I have included this in the weekly homework bulletin (below). The bulletin gives you some ideas of ways to support your child at home, based on what we have been learning in school that week. It will be available on the website and emailed to you as well. 


yes A big thank you to all the parents who were extremely efficient and checked the website last week and sent baby photos to the class email - I intended to send a text out but I didn't need to! (Please don't worry if you didn't send one as the children had fun looking at photos of their friends as babies.) Perhaps this week you could talk to your child about the toys you liked to play with as a child and send a picture, as toys will be our next history focus. If you can get grandparents involved too, that would be great!   

Friday 11th September


What a great first week we have had! All the children have settled really well into Year 1 and begun to embrace the new challenges. Over the next couple of weeks during history lessons we will be looking at how the children have changed since they were babies. It would be helpful to look at some photos, so please email a photo of your child as a baby to the class email address at your earliest convenience: Thanks! 

Welcome to Oak Class!


I met most of the new Oak Class either in person or via Zoom in July. It was great meeting you all!


My name is Miss Stokes and I am your Year 1 teacher. Sometimes we will also have Mrs Hilson in our classroom to help you with your learning.


I am really excited to see you all on Monday 7th September and to begin our new learning adventure. I have been working hard to think of ways to make the classroom look a little bit more like your reception room so that you feel comfortable, but it is much smaller! 


We are going to have fun learning phonics, reading, writing, maths, science, art, and lots more! You will be able to play with your friends and enjoy investigating and exploring together. Every Thursday you will have a P.E. afternoon with Mr Parker - remember to have your P.E. kit in school (ALL named please!) I know that you are going to work hard and always try your best, and I promise to do the same!


Miss Stokes