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Please take a look at our medium term plan for Autumn 1




Pear Class


Autumn 1


Me, My Family and

My Friends!


We will support the children to…

‘Have a go’ (playing and exploring)

‘Keep on trying’ (active learning)

‘Develop their own ideas’

(creating and thinking critically)

Communication and Language



  • Talking about my interests and ideas
  • Joining in with rhymes
  • Listening to and joining in with stories
  • Small world play – dolls house


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


  • Getting to know people in the school setting
  • Feeling secure and confident in my new setting
  • Learning about the new routines and rules at school

‘Choose it, use it and put it away!’’

Care, share and always play fair!’

‘Indoor walking and quiet talking.’

‘Be safe!’

Physical  Development



  • Puzzles, construction, playdough and small world play
  • Mark making, printing with my hands and fingers
  • Exploring our outdoor area
  • Snip with scissors




  • Book browsing and sharing books together
  • Listening to and joining in with sounds
  • Developing my vocabulary linked to my interests







  • Counting things that are important to me or that interest me
  • Join in with number rhymes and stories
  • Count my friends and family members


Understanding the World


  • Talking about my family, friends and my experiences…places I go, have been, things I have seen
  • Listening to other people about their families, friends and experiences
  • Listening to stories/books about other people
  • Home corner

Expressive Arts and Design


  • Exploring colours and textures
  • Explore and move to music
  • Explore my ideas – and my senses; hand and finger painting


Please take a look at our long term learning overview...


Our aim is to provide a safe, happy and exciting education which supports the characteristics of effective learning. In Nursery there is a large emphasis on developing the Prime areas of learning through a high quality explore and learn (play) provision - based on children’s needs and interests.  The indoor and outdoor learning environment provide continuous provision and there is a balance between child initiated and adult led activities. Teachers observe, support and interact with the children to ensure high quality learning and development.

Everyday learning…


Learning environment

Class rules, values and expectations

Independence and self-belief/confidence

Healthy and happy attitudes

Snack time

Toileting and hygiene

Mindfulness/relaxation – Jigsaw

Social skills – adults and peers

Engagement – exploring and learning


Fine motor activities

Gross motor skill activities/games




Stories, poems, rhymes

Role play area

Small word





Phonics fun – Phase 1


Everyday experiences and interests– discussions

Mark making resources

Book corner

Letters and words displayed



Days/months of the week

Times/routines of the day

Birthdays – links to UW


Mathematical exploration through

Everyday experiences


Seasonal changes, special events, celebrations


Religious festivals

Family, friends

Interest, curiosity, observation, senses



Art and craft activities

Resources, tools, equipment


Songs and rhymes

Role-play area

Small world



When supporting children’s learning we believe that it is important to consider the different ways in which children learn.  We continually reflect on how we teach, organise our learning environment and support individual children and groups of children.  We use the Characteristics of Effective Leaning to focus on how children learn (the process).

  1. Playing and exploring – children investigate and experience things and “have a go”.
  2. Active learning – children concentrate, keep on trying if they encounter difficulties and enjoy their achievements.
  3. Creativity and thinking critically – children have and develop their own ideas and make links between ideas. They develop strategies for doing things.

Autumn Term:

Welcome! (Getting to know you!)

Me, My Family and Friends

Baseline assessment

Super Learning Powers!

Festivals and Celebrations


Spring Term:

Revisit:  Baseline & Super Learning Powers!

(New intake)

Brilliant Books!

People Who help Us – Our Super Heroes!


Summer Term:

Revisit:  Baseline & Super Learning Powers!

(New intake)

The Great Outdoor Explorers!

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!