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World Book Day- Apple and Pear Class

Health Superheroes

Emergency Services

Polar Regions and Potatoes

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Creativity

Humpty Dumpty and Collaboration

Families, Birthdays and Determination

Remembrance Day Activities and Commitment

Celebrating Festivals of Light!

Take a look at our exciting learning opportunities for the 2nd part of Autumn 2021

Autumn Term Challenge...

To be able to put on our coat independently!

Exploring fruit and vegetables...Find out who came to tea!

Getting ready for Harvest!

Look - I can see the moon!

My family makes me happy!

Please take a look at our Learning Bulletin

Please take a look at our Meet The Teacher talk. It offers an overview of what to expect, now that your child has started their learning adventure in Pear class.

Please take a look at our medium term plan for Autumn 1




Pear Class


Autumn 1


Me, My Family and

My Friends!


We will support the children to…

‘Have a go’ (playing and exploring)

‘Keep on trying’ (active learning)

‘Develop their own ideas’

(creating and thinking critically)

Communication and Language



  • Talking about my interests and ideas
  • Joining in with rhymes
  • Listening to and joining in with stories
  • Small world play – dolls house


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


  • Getting to know people in the school setting
  • Feeling secure and confident in my new setting
  • Learning about the new routines and rules at school

‘Choose it, use it and put it away!’’

Care, share and always play fair!’

‘Indoor walking and quiet talking.’

‘Be safe!’

Physical  Development



  • Puzzles, construction, playdough and small world play
  • Mark making, printing with my hands and fingers
  • Exploring our outdoor area
  • Snip with scissors




  • Book browsing and sharing books together
  • Listening to and joining in with sounds
  • Developing my vocabulary linked to my interests







  • Counting things that are important to me or that interest me
  • Join in with number rhymes and stories
  • Count my friends and family members


Understanding the World


  • Talking about my family, friends and my experiences…places I go, have been, things I have seen
  • Listening to other people about their families, friends and experiences
  • Listening to stories/books about other people
  • Home corner

Expressive Arts and Design


  • Exploring colours and textures
  • Explore and move to music
  • Explore my ideas – and my senses; hand and finger painting