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Friday 17th July

It's the last day of term!!!  You've made it through Year 2, which has been a different type of school year but it's been fun all the same! Well done for all your hard work both in school and at home. Now have a well-deserved break over the summer holidays and have lots of fun!! 

We will see you again when you are in Year 3.

Thursday 16th July

The week is nearly over and the school holidays are about to begin!

Yippeee! It has been great to hear how excited you are about Year 3, even if you are a little nervous too. If you would like to write a letter to your new teacher, we will make sure it gets to them.

Wednesday 15th July

I'm so excited to be seeing you today!!!

No learning as we will be in school together! 

Remember you can always practise some spellings and Times Tables Rockstars too. SEE YOU SOON!

Tuesday 14th July

Now add some content into your lapbook today. There are some templates for you to use if you wish.  Think about your friends, lessons, favourite parts of the year, best memories etc.

Take a look at cut outs on the class page and create the inside of your lapbook.  Use as many of the templates as you like. Don’t forget to decorate it and colour it to make it look awesome!!! And send us some photos too. 



Monday 13th July!

OMG - it's the last week of Year 2! What a very different year it has been! This week we would like you to make a keepsake that you hopefully will look back on in years to come and remember this different, yet wonderful year we have had. 

I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to teach Sycamore class this year and although I'm disappointed it didn't go to plan, I am grateful for all the hard work you have put in at home and cannot wait to see you all on Wednesday!

Friday 10th July

It's Friday! Time for your home sports day! I hope the sun comes out! Have fun and let me know how you get on!

Next week will be all about Transition, so moving from Year 2 to Year 3. Exciting times!

Friday 10th July

It's Friday! Time for your home sports day! I hope the sun comes out! Have fun and let me know how you get on!

Next week will be all about Transition, so moving from Year 2 to Year 3. Exciting times!

Thursday 9th July

Today you have a sports activity to carry out, a sports day to plan and a sports wordsearch. Enjoy!

Wednesday 8th July

Enjoy your activities today!

​​​​​Tuesday 7th July

Hope you all enjoyed the sports yesterday! Today you are designing your own!

Monday 6th July

Sports week! Each day will have a sporty activity and then an extra writing or maths activity linked to sports too. Have fun!


More pictures and puppet show!

Alina pupper show.mp4

Still image for this video

Friday 3rd July

The last day of Arts Week is linked to Summer! Let's hope the sun shines today!

Next week will be Sports Week.

Super puppet Shows from Stanley and Joseph!

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Mia's Amazing Puppet Show

Still image for this video

Thursday 2nd June

I have seen some super performances with puppets and toys - well done!

A musical day for you today! 

Wednesday 1st July 

Wow, I cannot believe it is July already!

Today you have a puppet show to watch and recreate yourself. Enjoy!

Tuesday 30th June

Wow - what impressive artwork pictures I have seen! I will put some photos on for you all to see each others work. Today you will be learning about another artist. I have also added a sandcastle creator maths mystery for you.

Monday 29th June

We hope you enjoyed the wet, windy, sunny weekend!

This week is ARTS WEEK

Today and tomorrow you will be learning about artists and their artwork.

Wednesday will be about drama, puppets and shows.

Thursday will be based on music.

Friday will be a summer collage.

There will be some extra reading and maths activities loosley linked to Arts if you wish to complete them too.

Don't forget to keep practicing Times Tables Rockstars too!

Fire it up Friday!

Fire may be a slight exaggeration but I hope you enjoy todays activities. 

Nearly the weekend! Have a wonderful one and we'll be back Monday for Arts Week.

Thankful Thursday 

Maybe you could have a think today about what you are thankful for.  I am thankful for spending time with my new kitten, being able to teach the Reception class and getting to see Sycamore Class again for half a day before the end of term!

Times Tables Rockstars - Mulberry are getting even further ahead!!!

Water Wednesday

Today you need some water for your investigations. Have fun!


Tuneful Tuesday

Take a look at todays activities! There is a recording sheet too for you to write up any of your experiments you do this week. I would recommend you do two or three a week if you have time. 

Luckily the sun should be shining brightly so pop on your sunhat and get outdoors for some of todays tasks.

Well done to those of you who found the culprit fruit squasher and see you excellent marshmallow and spaghetti structures below.

Well done to those of you who even found time for Times Tables Rockstars as well! Mulberry are in the lead!

Spaghetti and Marshmallow Structures!

STEM Week!!

Who can remember what STEM stands for?? I remember that is usually hands-on, exploratory fun so I hope you enjoy the activities we have set up for you this week. 

Please remember there is a Times Tables Rock Stars Challenge on this week to see if Sycamore class can beat Mulberry class! Also, spellings are always an important area to keep on practicing so please do if you have time. 

Don't forget to send us your work as always!

Thank you to those who joined the zoom meeting - I really enjoyed seeing you all - hope you did too!

Flora's mummy apologies for being cut off suddenly but her battery died! 


Attached is some information about stem week next week.

Sycamore Class Zoom Meeting

Tomorrow, Friday, I will be hosting a video zoom call with the children from Sycamore class so that we can all see each other and have a little chat! I have sent emails with all the details on. If you haven't received it or need more detail then please email me at

 It will be at 2:30pm.  I look forward to seeing you!


Friday 19th June

It's Friday! Take a look at some of the excellent vehicle posters and information sheets below. A special shout out to Joseph who read some information out to me on a video too! I love all the effort that has gone into these  - well done! Maths investigations and a science lesson for you today! Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend. Next week is STEM week so there will be some more investigations for you to complete!


Fantastic vehicles !

Thursday 18th June

Today is when you present all your information about your vehicle for English - can't wait to see them!

And a fun maths investigation for you.

Wednesday 17th June

Middle of the week already!

Last day of maths word problems - well done to those of you who are sticking with them!

I have seen some great research about some interesting vehicles, looking forward to the end product!

There hasn't been a Times Tables Rock Stars Challenge this week but I can see that some of you have still been working hard on there  - keep it up! 

Tuesday 16th June

How did you all get on with the bar model? Hope you're ready for some more today!


Monday 15th June

Well here we are again - Monday morning! We hope you had a wonderful weekend in the sunshine. This week you are going to be learning about a vehicle of your choice and you will be using the bar model in maths. Today there is also a bbc bitesize lesson with videos and quizzes for some grammar work on suffixes.

Stay positive, keep smiling and love your learning!

Friday 12th July

Its Friday again! Well done to everyone for their hard work this week. 

Topic today (some of you may have already done it!) and some maths. 

A special shout out to Esther and Sofia for their Time Tables Rockstars effort this week! Well done! (There are others doing amazing too so keep it up!)

Thursday 11th June

Well done and thank you to those of you who have sent your work in so far this week. Remember we love to see it even if it is extra work that we haven't set for you.

Hopefully you'll enjoy writing a story today and renaming in maths. I'm sure you will show determination and be proud of your efforts, as we are. smiley

Wednesday 10th June

We hope you're having a good week. Learning is attached for you, and don't forget there are some excellent resources online too if you fancy learning further. BBC Bitesize is especially helpful. Below is a website explaining how to make bubbles if you fancy a go seeing as English is linked to bubbles this week!

Tuesday 9th June

There's some more subtraction today and some comprehension for you.

Well done for all the hard work!

Monday 8th June

We hope you all had a lovely weekend. Today you have some spellings to do and some subtraction. Hope you enjoy!

Friday 5th June

Nearly the weekend again already! 

Well done for all your hard work this week. We hope you have enjoyed the activities. We will be sending out some Leo's Prides this week as we just get more and more impressed each week with how well you are getting on.

Mulberry Class are defeating Sycamore class with ease on Times Tables Rockstars!

Have fun with topic today!



Thursday 4th June

How did you get on with the column method yesterday?? I saw that Alina did very well! And well done to Mia for working hard on her comprehension questions. 

I can also see that some more of you have been on Times Tables Rock Stars so well done, keep it up!

Today's activities are attached. 

Wednesday 3rd June

Learning for today is below for you. It's been so lovely to see the hard work over email. Well done. Mulberry are thrashing Sycamore Class on Times Tables Challenge. Well done to the Sycamore kids who are going on and trying hard, keep it up and hopefully more will join you!



Tuesday 2nd June

We hope you all survived doing some learning tasks again after the half term break, it can be hard to get back into the swing of it!

Today's learning tasks are below. 

Mulberry are winning on day one of the Times Tables Rock Stars Challenge! Come on Sycamore!

Monday 1st June 2020

We hope you have had a super half term break, we couldn't ask for more with the weather. We're sure you have been enjoying sunshine, garden picnics, paddling pools, water fights and lots more!

Also, we're sure you're ready to do some more learning again! 

Remember we love to see how you are getting on so please email us!

The Times Tables Rock Stars challenge is back on! It's Mulberry class against Sycamore class so get playing!

Friday 22nd May 2020. Well done my Sensational Sycamore class it has been tricky to work when it is so hot and more fun to be outside, but as I have seen by looking at your emails you have been determined and committed to your daily tasks. I am so prouid of you all. Well here are today's tasks, last ones for a week. Enjoy your half term holiday!

Thursday 21st May 2020 I wonder how many of you had a paddling pool out yesterday. If so how much water did it take? Only kidding you don't really have to measure it. Hope you are ready for today's tasks.

Wednesday 20th May 2020. I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday, as well as your tasks of course! If you fancy a challenge I have added a writing challenge.

Tuesday 19th May I hope you managed to enjoy some sunshine as well as yesterdays tasks. Hope you are ready for today's.

Helllo, Well doesn't the weekend go quickly? I hope you had chance to enjoy the sunshine. This is the last week of tasks before half term. Remember do your best and share any work you are really proud of. I can't wait to see how you are getting on. There are some extra activities if you feel like a challenge!

Take a look at a video for you all, from us all! It's in the Gallery section, or follow the link below. Enjoy!

Friday 15th May

Happy Friday!

Boys are still winning on the Rock Stars but the girls sure are getting some great scores!

Learning for today is below along with some of the poems from yesterday. They are excellent! I have also attached my poem too.

Have wonderful weekend!

Mrs Hogg and Mrs Tomes-Rolt

Thursday 14th May 

Good morning! A slightly more fun maths today in case you are all going slightly mad learning to tell the time! I can not wait to read some of your poems. If you were in Mulberry last year, I'm sure you can guess who wrote the one on the plan today! I am going to try my own today to share with you too. Have fun!

The Times Tables Rock Star Tournament between boys and girls is going well. Remember it includes the Year 3 and 4s too, and at the moment the top 3 girls are Year 2's! Amazing work Sienna, Charlotte and Abigail! Teddy is the top boy too!

Wednesday 13th May

The work coming in is excellent, and we're so grateful to you all for managing to keep learning at home. Well done! Todays learning is below.

Tuesday 12th May

Wow, we have some super poets and time-tellers in Sycamore Class! Below are some of these I am very impressed with - thank you! Well done to those who have been working on Times Tables Rockstars too - Charlotte's score is amazing, closely followed by Grace and Mia! But boys are winning so far - well done to Joseph, Charlie and Freddie from our class!

Today's work is below. Keep it up - you're doing great!

Monday 11th May

Welcome back after the bank holiday weekend! We hope you enjoyed the sunshine before the rain and wind arrived!

Your learning for today is below and please remember to send us your photos and/or work.

This weeks Times Tables Rock Star challenge is Girls vs Boys - across years 2, 3 and 4!

Have fun!

Mrs Hogg and Mrs Tomes-Rolt

Thursday 7th May

Today is Thursday but it is the last home-schooling day of the week as it is Bank Holiday tomorrow!

Your learning is below along with some fun baking, dancing, colouring, making VE Day activities if you are interested.

Happy long weekend! Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe!

Wednesday 6th May

Sycamore class - what is happening?! Mulberry are thrashing us at the Times Table Rocks Stars challenge! Here's the results so far.....

(Learning further down page)

So todays learning is attached below.

As we used to call it Welly Wednesday in Mulberry Class I have added a couple of additional outdoor learning activities for you to do sometime this week or long weekend if you fancy it while you are out and about with your family. Don't forget to send in your photos! 

Tuesday 5th May

Thank you for all the emails yesterday, lovely to see some of the learning you are getting up to and your creative clocks! Tom's Star Wars clock and Adelaide and Martim's piñata clocks were especially impressive!

Learning for today is below - enjoy!

Good Morning Sycamore Class!

It's Monday morning again! We hope you had a super weekend and are ready for learning again this week. Stay positive, stay safe and stay happy!

Your learning activites are below and so are the results of the Times Tables Rock Star Challenge! Whoop whoop - well done Sycamore- we did it! It was sooooo close all week long so I feel another challenge should be had! Can Mulberry beat us this week?

We have also included a link to a Jigsaw Jo PSHE lesson for you to look at some time this week.  There's quite a long story to listen to and some activities and 'calm time' to do. You can pick out parts of the lesson that you enjoy to do.

Have a fun day, send us any work or photos if you like, via email.

Take care, 

Mrs Hogg and Mrs Tomes-Rolt smiley

Friday 1st May

Happy Friday! What a busy week you have been having. Thanks to everyone who has sent in photos or comments about their learning, it is lovely to see your work. 

Flora and Jessie have made up an amazing contractions rap.  Annie, Alina, Joseph and Mia have created some great homes for living on the water. Well done all!

Your topic lesson and maths lesson are below. Also some spellings for you to practise too!

Enjoy your weekend!


Mulberry have just taken the lead!

Thursday 30th April

Last day of the month today! Your learning activities are below. You may be pleased to hear that maths is not Fractions today! wink Keep up the good work Sycamore.

Rockstars update ……'s sooooo close..... Sycamore have just taken the lead but only just!

Enjoy and we'll write again tomorrow.

Mrs Hogg and Mrs Tomes-Rolt

Wednesday 29th April

It was lovely to chat to some families today and hear how well you are all getting on at home.

If we didn't chat to you, then we will hope to be in touch soon.

Below are the learning activities for today.

So far Mulberry Class are winning on Times Table Rock Stars - well done and come on Sycamore!!

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! MULBERRY take an early lead!

Tuesday 28th April

Activities for today are below, hope you enjoy!
We will be telephoning families over the next few weeks to check that you are all ok. 

Here's a fractions online game if you fancy it.

Don't forget to play Times Tables Rock Stars this week too



Monday 27th April

Good morning, we hope you had a lovely sunny weekend.


Below are the learning activities for today.  Fractions for maths, adverbs for English, reading daily and a new snappy maths challenge for the week.  There are useful websites for extra activities too and of course, feel free to use your own interests for extra learning as well. 


For snappy maths, we have set up a Times Tables Rock Stars Battle between Mulberry and Sycamore class.  The more you play, the higher your score. The class with the highest score at the end of the week wins the battle!  Last week in Key Stage 2, Beech won the contest! Who will win in Key Stage 1 this week?! 


We hope you enjoy your learning today. Feel free to email in any work or comments. 

Mrs Hogg and Mrs Tomes-Rolt

 TT Rock Stars...Mulberry Vs Sycamore...The battle is ON!!!

Friday 24th April

It's nearly the weekend! smiley

Today you have topic work instead of English so please take a look at the work below.

We also have our drawings below to share with you.

Enjoy the weekend and we'll be back with more learning on Monday.

Mrs Hogg and Mrs Tomes-Rolt

Thursday 23rd April 

We hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine this week as well as working smiley

Keep up the hard work!

Lessons for today are attached below.


Wednesday 22nd April

I hope you are enjoying learning about fractions this week!

Please find today's lessons attached below.

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Hope you all settled back into school work well yesterday!

Here are the lessons for today.

Monday 20th April

Welcome back to home schooling! We hope you had a wonderful Easter break and are all staying safe.

Take a look at today's learning activities attached below and get busy!

Don't forget parents can email me to tell me or show me what you have been up to.


3rd April 2020

Good Morning,

It's nearly time for your Easter Holiday so this is the last day of tasks for a couple of weeks.


Maths – Use a ruler to draw different length lines, and write how long the lines are, in cm

English – Write a recount about your time off school. What have you been up to?

Topic – Golden time! Play a game with your family or watch a film and retell what happened.


There is also a 1 minute challenge with addition and subtraction and one with multiplication and division on this page.


Have a lovely Easter

Mrs Hogg

Good morning Sensational Sycamore Class

Hope you liked the April fools joke!


Today's tasks are:


Maths – Practice counting in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 10’s – forwards and backwards. Ie in 10's could be 10,20, 30, 40, etc but also 12,22,32,42


English – Look at the common exception words list,(see further down class page) and choose 4 you don’t know and learn to spell them. Challenge yourself can you use more than one in a sentence? Can you use ALL four  of them in a sentence? Can you write different types of sentences eg a question, a statement, an explanation or a command? ( there is  a parent/ carer information sheet on our class page below this and a power point for children)


Topic – Next terms topic is journeys. Find out about how transport has changed over time. Ask your family how transport has changed in their lifetime


 Keep smiling and using those learning muscles


Mrs Hogg

Common exception words YR2

Happy April Fools Day! (We can't watch you sadly but trust you are learning well and being kind to your new home schooling teachers!)

We're watching you...

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Today us teachers will be watching you you're doing your learning....look back here later for evidence!

Maths - Create some arrays and write the 4 number sentences

i.e 5 x 3 = 15     3 x 5 = 15        15 5 = 3        15 3 = 5


English – Tell jokes with your family and learn your favourite ones.  Write them down using the correct punctuation - capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks. 

i.e What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping? A dino-snore!


Topic – play a joke on someone in your family (don’t be too mean!) Find out why we celebrate April Fools Day.

Todays activities are all around cooking / baking


Maths – weigh ingredients for your baking / cooking

English – Write your recipe 

Topic – Cook or bake something with an adult. Take some pictures.

If you can not cook as you haven't got the ingredients don't worry explore weighing and reading scales. Remember jugs have scales as well. Photograph your weighing. You can then write any recipe you like.


Enjoy, see you same time tomorrow

Mrs Hogg

Monday 30th March 2020

Hello Sycamore Class,

It was quite a cold and windy weekend but sunny. I hope you had a good weekend and are ready for today's tasks.


Maths – Create word problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Solve them together

If you are stuck for ideas I have added some to this page.


English – Make up an Easter poem. This could be an acrostic shape, rhyming ….or your own creative idea. Learn and recite your poem.

( An acrostic poem looks at a key word and then asks you to write a line about that word. Each line you start should begin with a letter from that word. )


Easter is a great time of year

And every child loves to eat chocolate

So make sure you don't eat too much

Together we can hide

Easter eggs and find them

Remember not to eat too many or else you'll get tummy ache


Topic – Read about the Easter story and draw and write about something you learnt.


Same time tomorrow.

Mrs Hogg

This weeks certificates

Friday 27th March 2020


Well it's Friday already. I hope you have got enough Leo's for golden time! 


Today's tasks are:


Maths – Go on a shape hunt around your house, name the shapes and their properties, ie, sides, edges, vertices, lines of symmetry. I will put a shape sheet on this page to help you.


English – Create a poster about how to wash your hands


Topic – Golden time! Play board games with your family


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Hogg

Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello Sycamore class I hope you are all well and doing well with your learning tasks.


Well today's tasks are:

Maths: Look at clocks around the house.  Choose 3 times throughout the day, write the time on a digital and analogue clock and write what you were doing at that time of day.


English: Look out of your bedroom window and write a description of what you can see. Make sure you use great adjectives and adverbs to add description.

Mrs Tomes-Rolt  would write: 


I can see a couple of black, tall, narrow planters with plants sprouting out of them. The plants look like mini trees with light brown stick like stems with spherical shaped green follage. Behind the planters there is a short red wall with grey bricks on top. The other side of the wall is my sons dark grey estate car that he reversed on the concrete driveway. The tarmac road is the next thing I can see. It is narrow, not enough room for two cars to park. On the opposite side of the road is an extremely tall cherry tree, its gigantic body climbs high in the sky. I can not see its bark as it is covered in a dark green ivy. The tree stands on a small grass verge that is almost a wedge shape. Behind the tree is a fence with trellis on top. I can see a black and white cat slowly prowling along the road and up my neighbour’s driveway. There are two pigeons lazily sitting in the tree cooing to each other.


Topic:  Write a food diary of what you have eaten today and put the foods into different food groups. They include, dairy, fish and meat, fruit and vegetables, sugar, bread and pasta.


Keep up the good work

Mrs Hogg

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning Sycamore Class. I hope you are all keeping busy.

Well here are today's tasks.


Maths:  How many ways can you make £1? Remember to only use the coins that are part of our currency. Now do the same for 75p. If you fancy a challenge you could make different amounts.


English:  Look at the common exception words (there is a list further down on this page). Choose 4 you can not spell and learn to spell them. If you can not find 4 you can not spell then look at your reading book and find 4 new words to learn and look up there meanings if you don't already know them.


Topic:  Draw an animal from each of the main animal classification groups ie bird, fish, mammal, insects, reptile, amphibian and explain why you have put them in that group.



Keep working hard.

Mrs Hogg

Hello, I hope you all well and I know that you will have done  yesterday's tasks  really well. I bet you are now eager for today's tasks.


Maths:     Play guess my number. Write down a 2 digit number without showing your partner. Ask questions to find out what the number is, such as, how many more to make 100? is it odd? is it even?


English:   Watch Newsround, (it is online Write your own news report based on one of the stories you heard.


Topic:   Name the oceans around the world  and find them on a map or globe. There is a catchy 7 continents song on you tube that will help you remember them.


Good bye until tomorrow

Keep Smiling

Mrs Hogg

Monday 23rd March 2020

Good Morning my lovely Sycamore Class. I hope you are all well and ready to work.


Maths: Roll 3 dice what is the greatest/smallest 2 digit number you can make?


English: Write a diary entry of what you do today. Remember adverbs and adjectives as well as different sentence starters.


Topic: Name the 7 continents of the world and find them on a map or globe. 


Good Luck!

Same time tomorrow

Mrs Hogg

Homework 20th March

In Year 2, children are expected to be able to spell the common exception words correctly.

Some parents asked for a full list of these words, so please find them here on this page. smiley

Any extra practise you could do at home would be great.smiley

KS1 words for spellings

Homework 13th March

Homework 6th March

homework 28th February

homework 14th February 2020

Homework 7th Feb

Australian Bounce Sponsorship Money

A very special well done to all the children who helped us to bounce all day long on Tuesday to raise money to help animals in the Australian fires.  The children had a fantastically fun day and hopefully they have told you all about it.  Thank you to those families that have already sent in their sponsorship money.  Can we please ask that all money is in by next Friday 7th February so that we can donate it to Australia.


Many thanks for all your support with this important cause.

Year 2 Team

Spellings at home

Please can you check that your child is spelling their ‘spelling words’ correctly each week. 

We have noticed that some children are writing the words incorrectly and this is not helping them to learn the spellings. Many thanks.

Homework 31st January

Homework 24th January

Australia day fun 28th January 2020!


The children are showing great enthusiam about our Australia topic which is fantastic!
Next week, in groups they are going to be creating a poster about an area in Australia - your child has been told whether they will be looking at :


- The Great Barrier Reef

- Rainforests

- Mountains


It would be wonderful if your child could find out a fact (or two or three!) about the area they will be researching and bring their new found knowledge into school to share with their group, and add to their poster.

Many thanks,

Mrs Hogg

Homework 17th Jan

Year 2 Homework 10th Jan

Curriculum Map Australia

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready to return for an exciting Spring Term in Year 2!

Attached is the curriculum map for this term.  Our new topic is Australia.

On Monday 2nd December Sycamore Class will have Forest Schools.  Please make sure that your child has their correct clothing.

This week was the last week of homework and spelling before Christmas.

However, Times tables Rock Stars, Math Salamander and reading can continue during December.

Costumes need to be brought into school on Monday 2nd December.

Please could all library books and non-fiction books be returned  to school during the week beginning 9th December 2019.



Homework 29.11.19

Homework 22.11.19

Handwriting joins taught in year 2

Ideas for helping your child with spelling at home

Homework 8.11.19

Parents reading meeting (whole school)

Homework 27.9.19

Next week (30th September onwards) we will be asking the children to bring in some food packaging of foods they have eaten at home.  This is for a sorting activity so ideally we would like some cereal boxes, empty pasta packets, dairy packaging, fruit and vegetables wrappers, biscuits and treats wrappers or boxes of frozen meat products such as fish fingers or breaded chicken.  These will need to be clean please. 

We would also encourage you and your child to have a look at the foods in your cupboards at home and look for the country of origin.  Do the children know where that country is?

Thank you.

We will be having our first Forest Schools session on Monday 16th September so please send wellies/ a change of shoes into school in a named carrier bag.  The bag will hang on their peg in the cloakroom.

The children may decorate the cover of their homework book which was sent home today.  When it is full of homework please bring it into school and you can have a bigger book with more pages.  

Curriculum Information for parents - Autumn 1

Meet the teacher information 2019


We are making stone soup tomorrow (Tuesday 10th September).  We are requesting that each child brings in one vegetable (or portion) to add to our soup.  Thank you.


Welcome back!

We are ready to start a new term and our topic until half term is 'Food Glorious Food!'

We will be starting library this week.  The children will choose a book from our school library and keep it until week beginning 23.9.19.  The books should be brought into school and placed in the yellow box in the classroom.

Library weeks will then be 7.10.19, 28.10.19, 11.11.19, 25.11.19 and 9.12.19.

P.E. lessons are on a Wednesday and Thursday every week so please make sure that P.E. kits are in school.

I would like to remind you to name ALL of your child's possessions including their water bottle and shoes!  It saves a great deal of time and confusion for the children and the staff.

Thank you.