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What are we aiming for?

Children who are:

  • Fluent and confident when speaking the French they have been taught

  • Beginning to write some words or phrases in French

  • Aware of some of the culture in countries where French is spoken

  • Enthusiastic about learning a different languages

  • Beginning to be aware of some words in English that are similar to words in French (same etymology)


What do we do?

We teach a modern foreign language in lower key stage 2 as per the National curriculum.

In the early years and key stage 1 we develop the children’s awareness of different languages by sharing words and phrases from other languages particularly other languages spoken within the school community or communities that are being studied.


French was chosen as our modern foreign language as it is widely studied and available for further study in the schools that our children move on to.


In years 3 and 4 carefully planned units of work are taught by a native French speaker who is a trained teacher. Lessons are mostly practical with singing and rile play as well as some question and answer, and writing. The children have the opportunity to perform a simple version of the nativity in French for the annual Christingle service.