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New to Oak Class: 


I have now met most of the children who will be in Oak Class in September, either in person or via Zoom. It was great meeting you all!


My name is Miss Stokes and I will be teaching you when you come to year one in September. Sometimes we will also have Mrs Hilson in our classroom to help you with your learning.


I am really excited to see you all and to begin our new learning adventure. I have been working hard to think of ways to make the classroom look a little bit more like your reception room so that you feel comfortable, but it is much smaller! I have included some photos on this page below to give you an idea of what it will look like.


We are going to have fun learning phonics, reading, writing, maths, science, art, and lots more! You will be able to play with your friends and enjoy investigating and exploring together. I know that you are going to work hard and always try your best, and I promise to do the same!

See you soon,


Miss Stokes



Oak Class 2019-2020

Monday 13th July


Well, here we are in our last week of term. There are some home-learning activities below for you to complete this week . It has been lovely having you in Oak Class during this very strange year! I wish you the best of luck in Year 2 - work hard, have fun and be kind to each other.

Love from Miss Stokes x






Monday 6th July


This week is Sports Week so I have provided an overview of some activities you can do each day. Have fun!


Arts Week - lots more fun activities!

Shadow Puppets

Matisse-Inspired Collage

Sculpture - Clay Sea Creatures

Symmetrical Art Attack

Musical Performance

Hockney-Inspired Paintings

Monday 29th June


It is Arts week! I hope you enjoy the activities:

STEM week fun!


What a brilliant week we had investigating camouflage, habitats, freestanding structures and recycling among other things. Here are some photos:

A few more pics of STEM week from Oak Class Group B. We had lots of fun!

Monday 22nd June


Good morning, I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. This week is STEM week so I have provided some Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths activities to keep you busy. Have fun!

Monday 15th June


Good morning, and welcome to another week of home learning! As most children from Oak Class are back at school now, I will just add home learning ideas once a week on a Monday for the few children still working at home. These ideas and activities should be spread across the whole week to support your child. Have fun!

Friday 12th June


Good luck with today's activities and have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 11th June


Good morning! Here are today's tasks:


Wednesday 10th June


Good morning - I hope you enjoy your tasks today. Yesterday George found a bug hotel in his local park!




Monday 8th June


Good morning, I hope you had a lovely weekend despite the stormy weather! Enjoy your learning today.





We had fun making bubble wands!

Friday 5th June


Well, we are exhausted from a long week at school! Thankfully it is Friday so we can have some Golden Time this afternoon. Have a great weekend and good luck with your activities today.



Thursday 4th June


Happy Thursday to you all! We had some interesting ideas for stories yesterday; riding a unicorn through the air, meeting Egyptian mummies, fighting with knights in a castle and crossing the ocean to America in a bubble. Very imaginative!

I hope you have fun with today's tasks.



Wednesday 3rd June


Good morning Oak Class! I hope you are having a good week. We had half the class in school yesterday and it was lovely chasing bubbles around the playground in the sunshine! Did you think of an exciting bubble adventure yesterday? We will be doing that at school today. Your home learning is below - enjoy! 



Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning and welcome to Tuesday's home learning for those of you who are not coming to school. We will all be learning more about capacity this week. It looks like Max had fun with his learning at home yesterday! Good luck with today's tasks.


Monday 1st June


Hello - I hope you all had a super half term in the sunshine! What a lovely week it was. Some of you will be coming back to school tomorrow. I am really looking forward to seeing you, though I know I won't be working with all of you in Oak classroom - I wish I could! We have to be safe and work in smaller groups so lovely Miss Martin will be teaching half of the Oak children. I will see you around school though so we will be able to speak from our safe distance of 2 metres.

If you are remaining at home, please keep up the home-learning! Here is today's work for everybody:

Check out our video message in the Gallery 😄





There are some daily lessons on the BBC Bitesize website if you are looking for more ideas for home learning:


There are also some phonics materials available daily:





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Friday 3rd April 2020


Good Morning.

It's nearly time for your Easter Break so this is the last day of tasks for a couple of weeks.


Maths – Use a ruler to measure objects around the house. Find something less than/more than a metre.


English – Write a recount about your time off school. What have you been up to?


Topic – Golden time! Play a game with your family or watch a film and retell what happened.


Have a lovely break. 

Miss Stokes


Hello Outstanding Oak Class,

hope you liked the April fools joke!


Today's tasks are:


Maths – Practise counting backwards and forwards from a given number to 130.


English – Look at the 100 high frequency words list, (see further down class page) and choose 4 you find difficult and learn to spell them. You could use them in a sentence. Challenge yourself: can you use more than one in a sentence? Can you use ALL four  of them in a sentence?


Topic – Next term’s topic is Brilliant Britain. Talk about what you can remember about the British capital cities and find out more about them. E.g. which landmarks would you see if you went there? What are the cities famous for? What might you eat if you went there? Etc.


Keep smiling and using those learning muscles!


Miss Stokes

High frequency words YR1

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Today us teachers will be watching you .........checking you're doing your learning....look back here later for evidence!

Maths – Count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, forwards and backwards.  Make some number patterns with a missing number to fill in.

i.e 10, 12, 14,  ? , 18, 20            90, 80, 70,  ? , 50, 40, 30


English – Tell jokes with your family and learn your favourite ones.  Write them down too.

i.e What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping? A dino-snore!


Topic – play a joke on someone in your family (don’t be too mean!) Find out why we celebrate April Fools Day.


It was great to hear from so many of you yesterday and see all your baking creations. My mouth was watering! Keep up the good work!


Miss Stokes

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning! Today your activities are all based around cooking / baking / preparing a snack.


Maths – weigh ingredients for your baking / cooking.

English – Write your recipe up neatly.  

Topic – Cook or bake something with an adult. Take some pictures.

If you can not cook as you haven't got the ingredients, don't worry - maybe you could explore weighing and reading scales. You could measure liquids using a jug as well. You could then write any recipe you like.


Enjoy your day.

Miss Stokes

maths number problems

Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning Oak Class, I hope you had a restful weekend and are ready for another week of home learning tasks!



Maths – Create some word problems using both addition and subtraction. Can you work out the answers to your word problems?

I have put some ideas on this page to help you. 


English – Make up an Easter poem. This could be an acrostic, shape, rhyming ….or your own creative idea! Learn and recite your poem.

(An acrostic poem looks at a key word and then asks you to write a line about that word. Each line you start should begin with a letter from that word.)


Easter is a great time of year

And every child loves to eat chocolate

So make sure you don't eat too much

Together we can hide

Easter eggs and find them

Remember not to eat too many or else you'll get tummy ache


Topic – Read about the Easter story and draw a picture showing something you learnt. 


Same time tomorrow.

Miss Stokes

Friday 27th March 2020


Well it's Friday already. I hope you have  earned lots of Leos for golden time! 


Today's tasks are:

Maths – Go on a shape hunt around your house. Name the shapes and their properties, i.e. sides, edges, vertices. There is a sheet to help you on this page.


English – Create a poster about how to wash your hands thoroughly. Include labels and facts.


Topic – Golden time! Play games with your family.


Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Stokes

Did you all do your diary entry on Monday? Maybe you’re writing an entry EVERY day!

Today’s maths AND art at the same time - very clever!

Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello Oak class I hope you are all well and enjoying your home learning.


Today’s tasks are:


Maths – Look at clocks around the house (preferably analogue, not digital).  Choose 3 times throughout the day, draw an analogue clock showing that time and write or draw a picture of what you were doing at that time.


English – Look out of your bedroom window and write a description of what you can see. Can you use adjectives to make your sentences more interesting? (Describing words e.g. red, tall, huge, green, shiny, pretty etc.)


Topic – Draw and label what you have eaten today. Put the foods into two groups – healthy and unhealthy (remember it’s ok to have some treats!)



Keep up the good work!

Miss Stokes

Wednesday’s star shopkeepers! ⭐️

What a great idea - outdoor art using natural materials 🌱🍁🍃🌷

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning Oak Class. I hope you are all keeping busy. Here are today's tasks.


Maths:  Make a toy shop using things around the house and use coins to ‘buy’ different items from the shop. Add two amounts together to buy two toys.


English:  Look at the 100 key words for year 1 ( Choose 4 you find difficult to spell and practise spelling them.


Topic: (Science) Go on a materials hunt around the house. Can you find three things made of wood, plastic, metal, fabric and glass? Consider why they are made of that material. i.e The window is made from glass because it is easy to see through and lets the light in.


Have a good day!

Miss Stokes

Great to hear from some of our Oak friends! Look what they have been up to:

Number bond fun: 9 and 1 - woohoo!

Can you see who’s been den building?!

Amber has a new knight guarding her castle! 😸


Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hello, I hope you are all well and I know that you will have done  yesterday's tasks  really well. I bet you are now eager for today's tasks!


Maths:     Use a pack of playing cards, removing the picture cards. Play snap or pairs with the cards but instead of trying to match pairs, try to make a total of 10. (if you do not have playing cards make some number cards 4 lots of each number from 0-10.


English:    Watch newsround and write some sentences about a story you heard.


Topic:   Name the seas surrounding the UK and find them on a map or globe.


Goodbye until tomorrow.

Keep Smiling,

Miss Stokes



Dont forget to check out the websites listed below. Here are some more if you are looking for something active to do indoors:

BBC Supermovers -

Cosmic Kids Yoga -

Just Dance Kids (lots on YouTube) e.g.

Read and Move Phonics - try these:



Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning my lovely Oak Class. I hope you are all well and ready to work.


Maths: Roll 3 dice. What is the greatest/smallest 2 digit number you can make using the numbers on the dice?


English: Write a diary entry of what you do today.


Topic: Name the 4 countries of the UK and find them on a map or globe. 


Good Luck!

Same time tomorrow,

Miss Stokes


(Questions, photos of what you have done, a quick “hello!” etc. can be sent to

Here are some useful websites to explore whilst the school is closed: (we use this at school a lot, so the children will be familiar with the games.) Use the username: march20 password: home and practise anything up to Phase 5c! Lots of great things on this website. There is a free eBook library which includes some of our reading scheme books. You can search by 'book band' to find books in the right colour band for your child. - lots of english and maths games. - lots of english and maths games. BBC Bitesize is good for recapping our recent science work on materials and geography regarding the UK, along with lots of other fun activities.

Homework Bulletin 20th March


Homework Bulletin 13th March

Homework Bulletin 6th March

Homework Bulletin 28th Feb

Homework Bulletin 14th Feb

First 100 High Frequency Words

Homework Bulletin 7th Feb

Pre-warning! All children will need a plain cardboard box, around  50cm squared , to make a castle in our D.T. lessons after half-term. Please do not send any boxes in before Monday 24th February.

Homework Bulletin 31st January

Homework Bulletin 24th January

Homework Bulletin 17th January

Homework Bulletin 10th January

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely break and that the children are well rested, ready for Spring Term. Our topic this term is 'Once Upon a Time'. We will be looking at traditional tales and what life was like in medieval castles! See the curriculum overview below for more information.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview Spring Term 2020

Forest Schools in on Monday 9th December

Homework Bulletin 6th Dec

Homework Bulletin 29th November

Homework Bulletin 22nd November

Homework Bulletin 15th November

The next Forest Schools session will be Monday 18th November.

Homework Bulletin 8th November

Homework Bulletin 1st November

Homework Bulletin 18th Oct

Please note, Oak Class will have their next Forest School session on Monday 28th October

Homework Bulletin 11th Oct

Homework Bulletin 4th October

Reading meeting for parents (whole school)

Homework Bulletin 27th Sept

FOREST SCHOOL FOR OAK CLASS: Monday 23rd September

Homework Bulletin 20th Sept

Homework Bulletin 13th September

September 2019


Welcome to Oak Class! 


We have had a nice few days getting settled and getting to know each other with our Summer memories strips. The children have had some lovely summer adventures!


I am looking forward to getting to know the children and their families and beginning our Year 1 journey! We have lots of interesting learning activities planned, starting with the theme 'This is Me!'.

A challenge for the children: Do you know which country you live in? What is the capital city? Which town do you live in? I will be asking you the answers in class soon!


Some of my favourite things are travel (I have been exploring some of America over the summer holidays), musical theatre, animals (especially elephants), reading stories and drinking cups of tea!


Miss Stokes 


Next Wednesday at 3pm parents and carers are invited to a 'Meet the teacher' session where some important information will be shared regarding Oak Class.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, here are some things you need to know:-

P.E. days are Wednesdays and Thursdays (please make sure all PE kit is named and that your child has some trainers for outdoor PE).

Library books are changed every other week on Tuesdays but children are welcome to return their book to school any day if they have finished with it - we have a yellow box in class to return them to. 


Homework will be emailed to you on a Friday starting next week. Purple homework books are for children to practise their skills and do not need to come back to school.

If you have any questions about the above information, please come in and speak to me at the end of any day.  Alternatively, phone or email the school and I will reply as soon as I can.


As part of our 'This is Me' topic, can children bring a photo of themselves as a baby to school for the week beginning the 16th September. We are going to see how much they have changed!