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New Cherry Class 2020

Goodbye Cherry Class 2019-20. You have been such a wonderful class and I wish you every success next year. To my year 4's moving on - you are FAB-U-LOUS! It has been a pleasure to have taught you for two years. Good luck on your next adventure. To my year 3's coming back - I'll see you soon...we have unfinished business!


Love to you all, 


Mr Hogg xxx

Wednesday 15.7.20 CHANGES

Tuesday 14.7.20 Busy Minds Revisiting The Year's Learning

Welcome to the final week of school work before the Summer break. Today, we are going to be looking back over the year and will be preparing to make a Lapbook which will contain your favourite moments from your year. We hope you will enjoy this activity.

Check out the leaver's video in our video resource centre - link below. 

Well done everyone - it looks great! Thank you Mr Hogg for doing the technical bits.

Sports Week, Monday 6th July 2020. Here is the planning and work for Maths and English and we would love to see pictures of you participating in sporting activities.

Next week is Sports Week! Here's an overview of the week to help you organise any necessary resources.

Hello Key Stage 2, next week is ART WEEK! 

Here is an outline of the daily activities expected next week and a list of resources that might be needed. We have tried to use resources that are easy to find and that you might already have in your home as much as possible.

There will be a detailed plan uploaded daily which will have instructions, links to web pages, templates etc.

Please visit BEECH CLASS page for the daily plans.

We look forward to seeing pics of your art work.

What amazing creations! And the winners are...Tallest Tower - Lilly. Highest Frying - Jessica! Great effort everyone!

Egg Drop!

Still image for this video

Egg Drop!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Keep watching until the end for a giggle!

What a fantastic week! Well done everyone!

Friday Snappy Science 1

Friday Snappy Science 2 (Optional)

Friday Main Activity - The Song Challenge

Hi Cherry class!

I will put up the pictures from The Tower Challenge competition on the Class Page on Friday and announce the winner!

I'm missing you all!

See you soon, Mr Hogg. 

Thursday Snappy Science

Snappy Science Write Up

Thursday Main Activity - The Car Challenge!

Wednesday Snappy Science

Wednesday Main Activity - Egg Drop Challenge

Tuesday Snappy Science

Tuesday Snappy Science Write-up Template

Tuesday Main Activity - The Tower Challenge

Good morning everyone!

We hope you are looking forward to STEM week. We've worked hard picking investigations,experiments, design projects and math challenges we think you will really enjoy. We look forward to hearing from you - remember to send your photos and videos to your class' email address to be shared on the website. Have a good week!

Monday Snappy Science Investigation 1

Monday Snappy Science Investigation 2

Monday Main Activity - Technology/Engineering

To help you prepare for STEM week we are sharing the weekly overview with you. We will upload more detailed activity plans each day with clear instructions for the children to follow. Due to the nature of the activities the children may require a little more adult support than usual.

Please scroll down for the daily learning activities, we will keep the year 4 leaver instructions at the top for a short time. Thank you :)

CALLING ALL YEAR 4!!!! As we have been unable to perform a 'Leaver's Play' this year, we would like to create a 'Leaver's Video' for you all to have as a lovely memory of your year group. To do this we require 3 things from you.


~A video of you waving for 5 seconds to the left then turning and waving for 5 seconds to the right. (It won't matter if you start on the right first)

~A photo of you holding an A4 sized piece of paper or card (or larger) with a memory of your time at Linslade Lower school written on it. It must start with I remember when...(This can be decorated if you wish, or left plain, it's completely up to you)

~A video of you dancing to the Leaver's Song. You will need to dance from the beginning of the song to the end of the first set of hand claps ('This is our leaver's song, we're proud of what you've done)  Raise your arms up in the air on 'This is our leaver's song' Clap  your hands together above your head after 'song' Raise your hands again for 'We're proud of what you've done' then clap again after the word 'done'


You can wear your favourite clothes and any accessories you feel reflect your personality! We want you to have fun!

We have uploaded some examples for you to see.


Please send all three things to Mr Hogg via his Cherry class email address -  - The deadline will be Friday 19th June to allow enough editing time.


*If you are having trouble emailing the videos due to their size - send them to a friend or family member via Whatsapp, then share them to the Cherry email address from within the Whatsapp message - it seems to compress the videos and send them - I'm sure there are more technical ways to do it, but this seems to work.


Please email Mr Hogg should you have any concerns via the Cherry class email address.


We will mute the videos as we edit them so you don't need to worry about singing along or any background noises.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Year 4 Leaver's Video

Friday 19.6.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

TT Rock Stars UPDATE:

Thursday 18.6.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

Hope you are having a lovely week. Here's the science!

Wednesday 17.6.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

Tuesday 16th June Comprehension with a difference.

TT Rock Stars UPDATE!

Tuesday 16.6.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

TT Rock Stars UPDATE: 

WOW, WOW, WOW, what an amazing comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!! The deadly duo have done it!!!!!!


SULLIVAN/DIAMOND  12,037      Vs      KS2  11,393


A special mention to Anna Mascis, Cole Hendrix, Amanda Strait and Pip La Rock for really upping their game for this colossal battle.


This week's battle.....BATTLE OF THE CLASSES!



Monday 15.6.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

Good Morning and here is the planning and SPaG for week beginning 15th June 2020

Hope you have had a great weekend. Here are the spelling activities for this week.

TT Rock Stars UPDATE - I have a feeling this battle is going to go right to the wire!

SULLIVAN/DIAMOND     7,100     Vs       9,715    KS2

Friday 12.6.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

TT Rock Stars UPDATE:  Wow, some of you have really upped your game and are making Sullivan and Diamond really have to fight to stay in the battle! But there's still time for it all to change...


SULLIVAN/DIAMOND    4,798       Vs      7,044  KS2

Thursday 11.6.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

We are now going to work on science, the topic is LIGHT!

TT Rock Stars UPDATE:  (The Class Page is the only place to see these exclusive results)


DIAMOND/SULLIVAN  3,135    Vs     5,230  KS2


Warning - YEAR 4 - When you click on the link to watch a video on how to simplify fractions it starts the video towards the end, then goes onto a Maths Antics video (Which is very complicated!). You need to play the video that opens first from the start, and not watch the Maths Antics video.  

TT Rock Stars UPDATE: KS2 take an early lead...but can they sustain it?


 SULLIVAN/DIAMOND 1,154    Vs   3,146 KS2

Tuesday 9.6.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

Tuesday 9th July 2020 Comprehension

A wonderful poem from Maisie, read with excellent expression!

Still image for this video

TT Rock Stars UPDATE: What a comeback from year 4! Great battle! This week sees two warriors join forces - Brad Diamond and Freddie Sullivan Vs KS2!

I have been so impressed with your hard work this week. Well done.


Hi! Here are the spelling activities for the week beginning 8.6.2020

Good Morning, It's Monday 8th June and here is the English planning for the week and today's SPaG.


Thursday 4.6.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING


Wednesday 3.6.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

Check out Thomas' and Jessica's fantastic newspaper reports from last half term, and Isabella's great 3D shape work from yesterday!



Well done to Beech Class who were the last battle's overall winners. This week -YEAR 3 Vs YEAR 4!


Topic Work for the week beginning 1.6.2020 (to be done on Friday)

Welcome back. I hope you have enjoyed the sunshine! Here are the spelling activities to be done this week. Mrs Hewett

WELCOME BACK YEAR 3'S I hope you have had a lovely half term and are ready for some maths!

Your work is in a pdf which is more suitable for an ipad or iphone and a powerpoint presentation which should work on most other products. Any queries about your work then please contact me:

Miss Martin

Welcome back! We hope you have had a super half term holiday. Here is the SPaG for Monday 1st June 2020 and the planning for this weeks English related activites.

I have been so impressed with the effort that many of you are putting into your work! You should be really proud of yourselves!

TT Rock Stars UPDATE!

Friday 22.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

TT Rock Stars UPDATE!

Thursday 21.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

English Thursday 21st May 2020. Remember, we love seeing your work when you send it in to us. You could present your Newspaper Report to camera and send it into us.

Hope you are having a fantastic week and enjoying the hot sunshine! Here is your Topic work for this week.

TT Rock Stars UPDATE!

Thank you for my lovely message!

Still image for this video
Thank you to the year 3 children from Cherry class who contributed to my thoughtful message. It was lovely to watch! Here's my reply!

Wednesday 20.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

Wednesday 20th May 2020. English and planning for the next two days. Follow the PPT and do the tasks when they come up.

Tuesday 19th May Comprehension and planning for the week.

More wonderful work!

TT Rock Stars UPDATE!

Tuesday 19.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

Spelling work for the week beginning 18.5.2020. Homophones. There is also a reminder of different ways of to practise your spellings.

Some of the wonderful work from last week! I'm so proud of the effort you are putting in!

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! A high scoring battle won by the...BOYS! This week sees the return of the CLASS BATTLES!

Monday 18.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

Happy Monday everyone! Here is the SPaG for Monday 18th May and the planning for the week for Comprehension and English. This week you are going to become a newspaper reporter!

Friday 15.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING.

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! The BOYS look like they're going to take the crown unless the girls can do something special on the last day!?!?

Thursday 14th May - English - We would love to see a photo of your finished work. You can send it to

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! The BOYS are still 3,000 points ahead. But a lot can change in two days!

Thursday 14.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

Wednesday 13th May - English. I have given you Thursday's lesson as well so you understand what the whole task entails.

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! BOYS still leading. Come on girls, you can catch them!

Wednesday 13.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

Tuesday 11.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! The BOYS have rampaged into an early lead!

Good morning, here is today's comprehension and the weekly plan for English activites.

Leo's Locality. Topic work for the week beginning 11.5.2020. For Friday 15.5.2020. The differences between a canal and a river.

Some more wonderful work from Friday!

Monday 11.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! Year 3 are Victorious! Next Battle.... Boys Vs Girls....The REMATCH!

Hope you had a lovely, long weekend! Here is the spelling activity for the week beginning 11.5.2020

Good morning everyone. In SPaG, Comprehension and English this week, it's all about butterflies. We hope you enjoy the work. As always remember to send pictures of your work into We would love to see what you have been upto. Here is the SPaG work for Monday 11th May 2020.

Check out this wonderful work from Yash, and Maisie!

Thursday 7.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING


TT Rock Stars UPDATE! Year 3 are still in the lead!

Good morning Cherry Class, Here is your English for Wednesday 6th May.

Thomas, Alice and Liam have been working hard! Well done everyone!

Tuesday 5.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! Wow, year 3 have stormed into the lead!

Check out some of the excellent work from last week by Leila, Amani, Ivy and Isabella! I REALLY want to take a trip in Leila's and Isabella's canal boats!

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! What an almighty comeback by the GIRLS! The girls snatch it on the last day! THIS WEEK'S BATTLE...YEAR 3 vs YEAR 4! Oh, it's ON!!!!!

Monday 4.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING.

There is no planned activity for Friday this week, which would be a topic activity. I have planned a short activity about canals and locks for you to find out about just in case you wanted to to do some topic work!

Spelling activity for the week beginning 4.5.2020

Good morning everyone, Here is the planning for SPaG, Comprehension and English and it's Monday 4th May and so it's SPaG today.

Some of the fantastic Fact Files created yesterday by Liam, Maisie and Isabella.


TT Rock Stars UPDATE! The BOYS have stolen the lead!

Thursday 30.4.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

Another fantastic canal boat made from Lego by Jessica.

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! The GIRLS still have the lead!

I had a some help with my work today from my little friend!

Wednesday 29.5.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! The GIRLS take the lead! But will the keep it?

Good Morning everyone, here is the English for Wedensday 29th April 2020.

Tuesday 28.4.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

Due to a slight error (Mr Hogg setting the start time at 8:40pm!) There will be no TT Rock Stars update until Tuesday evening. (On the plus side, girls - this means if Bobby racked up hundreds points on Monday, they didn't count so you can all get going and pull ahead of the boys!) 

Check out these awesome canal boat models from Ethan and Maisie! Parents, feel free to send pictures of your child's work to me at Please let me know in the email if you are happy for me to post them on our class page.

Comprehension work and weekley planning for Tuesday 28th April 2020.

Spelling work to be done during the week beginning 27.4.2020. Topic work to be done on 1.5.2020

TT Rock Stars...Boys Vs Girls...The battle is ON!!!!!!!

Monday 27.4.20 YEAR 4 MATHS LEARNING

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! And the winner is..............Beech! Well done, Beech class. Did you make the top 3 in your class?

Monday 27th April 2020 SPaG and the planning for the week for English activities. Hope everyone is keeping well and having fun at home.

TT Rock Stars UPDATE! Great come back by Cherry, but Beech are powering on!

24.4.20 YEAR 4 Maths Learning

TT Rock Stars Update! Maple are making a comeback and a cracking class effort by Cherry with 21 members of the class contributing, but Beech still leading.

23.4.20 YEAR 4 Maths Learning

22.4.20 YEAR 4 Maths Learning

TT Rock Stars Update! Beech are starting to pull away from the pack - come on Cherry and Maple!

English Wedensday 22nd April 2020.

Spelling to be done during WB 20.4.2020

TT Rock Stars Update - Very close at the end of the first day of battle!

21.4.20 YEAR 4 Maths Learning

Apologies, the Year 3 maths lesson plan outline should be dated April not March!


TT Rock Stars - This week's battle is... Battle of the Classes!

Make sure you visit TT Rock Stars daily to help your class win!



Good morning Year 3’s

The math’s focus this week is money, we are starting with a bit of revision of the lessons we covered before the school was closed.

It will help if you have some real coins to use and maybe even some notes! But if not then I have included some images of coins to print and cut out.

There is a Powerpoint, an outline of the lesson, and worksheets for different levels.

If you have any questions regarding this lesson then please contact me at


Miss Martin

Here is you topic work for Friday, as well as some ongoing activities for you to try.

Welcome back everyone, we hope you have enjoyed your Easter break. The Plan for the English, SPaG and Comprehension for the week begining 20/4/20 will give you the activites for the week, so you can plan your day around the work. We will upload the activities for each day on the day.

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good morning KS2, we hope you are keeping well. Here's your day's learning activities. Good luck.

Busy Minds for the 2.4.2020

Times Table Rock Stars - We have updated the 'Garage Zone' with new teacher set times tables. So make sure you visit the Garage zone for a more focused times table practise.   

Busy Minds 31.3.20 Good morning Ks2, here are your activities for today :)

Good Morning KS2, it’s Monday 30th March 2020.

I hope you have all had a nice relaxing weekend and are ready for some super learning.

See you all soon :)

Busy Minds - It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!! Keep smiling everyone!

Busy Minds 26.3.2020 Have a lovely day today.

Busy Minds

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning KS2, Hope you are all well and working hard. Here are the learning activities for today.

From all the KS2 teachers :)

Good morning Cherry class!

There was an issue when uploading resources to the Cherry class page, so check out the  Maple or Beech class page for word lists and writing support resources. 

Mr Hogg 

Busy Minds - 23.3.20

Scutum Shields!


Forest School Timetable Spring Term

Making Muscles!

Still image for this video
The children worked collaboratively to attach pieces of coloured card to their arms to show how their muslces work in pairs, contracting and relaxing, in order to make bones move!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Celebrating 'Outdoor Learning Day' with some science outside! The children worked hard making skeletons with the natural resources around us.

A few pictures from our fab visit to The Natural History Museum in Tring!

TT Rockstars - Inverting the numpad

Forest School


Please make sure you child has the correct clothing in school on their Forest School dates in order to take part in the session.(She dates below)

Their Forest School kit should include:

  • Wellies
  • Waterproof coat (Their school coat is fine providing it is waterproof)
  • Waterproof trousers. 


KS2 Forest School Dates

Reading meeting for parents (whole school)

Here are some suggestions to help you learn your spellings...


1. Choose 5 words at time to focus on over the week using a 'Look, cover, write check' approach.


2. Choose 5 words at a time to try and write in different sentences across the week. This will really help the children understand the word and the contexts it can be used in.


3. Choose words, and challenge yourself to use them at different places within a sentence - start, middle and end. (Special toys are kept on the shelf. I love the special things you do for me. The letter is so special.


4. Choose words and look up their meaning in the dictionary.


5. Write the words in interesting ways - turning them into pictures. 


6. Write words and use dots and dashes to count the phonemes (sounds) E.g  W  eigh  t = 3 sounds


7. Dictation - Adult reads the word in a sentence, and the child records the sentence.


8. 'Speed spell' See how many times you can write the word in 30 seconds. Challenge an adult!


We hope this gives you some interesting alternatives to learning spellings. 

Link to simple online games to play and evaluate for our Computing lesson next week (24th September).

Welcome to Cherry Class page!


Our topic this term is Brilliant Bodies, to begin the topic can you find the answers to these questions?


Which foods provides us with vitamin C ?

Which foods help us to have strong bones?

Which foods can vegetarians eat to get protein?


Good luck with your research! 

Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

Presentation To Parents