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Children come to school to learn and at Linslade Lower School we work hard to provide opportunities for all children to achieve the very best they can. We use a creative, engaging curriculum as a means to develop enquiring minds. There is a well-resourced and stimulating environment in which to learn.  We aim to foster a love of learning and the skills to be a learner for life. Children at Linslade Lower School make good progress.


Curriculum for pupils aged 3 to 5  (year groups N and R)

In the nursery (year N) and reception (year R) we follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. This document sets the standard that all early years providers must meet. The curriculum builds on what children already know and gives them the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for future learning and progress.

The children learn through a variety of adult led and child initiated activities. Activities give lots of practical, hands-on experience both indoors and outside. The curriculum is structured to ensure that children are ready for the transition to year 1.

‘Letters and sounds’ is used to teach phonics from Nursery to the end of Key stage 1.


Curriculum for pupils aged 5 to 9  (year groups 1 to 4)

In common with all community schools we follow the National Curriculum. English and Mathematics are taught each day other subjects are timetabled throughout the week. We have a rigorous approach to teaching basic skills in English and Mathematics; for example spelling, phonics, multiplication tables. Other subjects are taught through themes in our creative curriculum – this inspires and motivates pupils.

French is taught to children in years 3 and 4.

‘Letters and sounds’ is used to teach phonics from Nursery to the end of Key stage 1.

In all year groups we use a variety of resources and strategies to make lessons interesting and to respond to the many different ways that children learn.


Curriculum Enrichment

From time to time we have special theme days or weeks for example book day, maths day, poetry day, health and fitness activities. They are great fun but also enable children to apply a broad range of skills learnt in other lessons.


We also take children on educational visits and invite specialists into school to enrich, motivate and inspire the children.


The Inspire Music Service offers tuition to pupils who wish to learn to play a musical instrument. Some individual and small group lessons provided by the 'Inspire music' service are available in school each week. There is a cost for the lessons. Currently we have children learning the cello, violin, guitar and piano.



We ask families to support the work the children do in school. Homework helps to consolidate learning and helps to develop some responsibility for learning. When setting expectations for homework we are mindful that the children work hard in school each day and that families have busy lives at home. The expectations for homework vary for each key stage, parents are informed via information leaflets.