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What are we aiming for?

Children who:

  • understand the important concepts and can apply them to solve problems

  • have a fluent recall of number facts

  • can use a range of algorithms and strategies appropriately and accurately

  • can talk about mathematics using the correct terminology

  • persevere and relish a challenge

  • understand the application of maths in everyday life in the wider world

  • are enthusiastic about mathematics


What do we do?

We teach the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum for key stage 1 and lower key stage 2.


In the early years curriculum mathematics is a specific area. In nursery children have daily opportunities to count and use mathematical vocabulary associated with counting. They have access to a wide range of resources that encourage mathematical exploration and the early development of concepts e.g. construction, capacity. Teachers model the use of mathematical language and plan appropriate mathematics activities to develop the children’s understanding. In reception children engage in daily planned activities for mathematics with an emphasis on number sense. Mathematics is well resourced and the use of manipulatives (objects to count etc) underpins teaching. Children have access to resources for child initiated learning. Adults model the use of mathematics and mathematical vocabulary in their interactions with children.

Assessment is recorded on development matters and at the end of reception a judgement for ‘Mathematics’ is made. 


In key stage 1 and lower key stage 2 children continue to develop their mathematical fluency. A concrete , pictorial, abstract (CPA) approach is used and concepts are developed within a spiral curriculum. Classes are well resourced with manipulatives so that children develop a thorough visual understanding of the concept they are learning. To aid continuity and consistency a scheme is used from year 1 to 4. Maths is taught daily in single year groups. There are opportunities to practice basic skills in snappy maths and children have access to an app to practise times tables.

Parents are informed of the focus for learning in the weekly curriculum bulletin, ideas for supporting at home are also shared.


Please copy and paste this link for more information about the ways maths is taught.